Forex Strategy Trading Tips: The Most Frequent Forex Trading Mistake and the Way to Avoid It

Being a Forex trader you’re going to need to develop many different skills together with developing reactions to various trading scenarios. Sometimes it is easier said than done. After helping hundreds of traders, I have noticed that most of them don’t succeed at Forex strategy trading for the exact same reason, they over-trade. So how do you know when you’re over-trading? Here’s a quick guide that can assist you recognize when you’re over-trading and the ways to stop it. How many strategies are you currently using? I’ve met individuals that were trading between 5-10 different strategies and of course there were not making any money, but why is that? Well, apparently the more strategies you use, the less you concentrate on the market itself. Getting to know the market and your strategy is important to becoming profitable and consistent, but this really is not possible if you have 3, 5, or 10 different strategies to pay attention to. How much are you presently risking on every trade? Understanding how much you’re risking is incredibly more important than understanding how much you’re going to make. That’s why money management is really important. I have come across traders move from the losing side to the profitable side just because they implemented money-management into their trading. How do you feel when you’re being profitable? The typical response to this question is great, and many people don’t realize they’ve become greedy until it’s too late. As humans we are inclined to get greedy when situations are running nicely for us. I’ve been through it, done that, and the result was not good. When you get greedy you are more likely to act reckless and commit mistakes. After asking yourself these questions you should have a much better idea of where you are. Over-trading is often as harmful as using a strategy that has a low ROI (return on investment). Now let’s talk about how you can prevent yourself from over-trading. Employ a trading plan: you should always know where you are going to exit a trade BEFORE you even enter it. Also, make sure you have a set of rules in place for other trading variables for example take profit levels, stop losses, and progressive TPs. Discover more about your trading style: this is very important because the type of MM (money management) you employ for one trading style is different than the one you use for another one. If you’re a scalper you will probably use small percentages in each trade (0.5% to 2%) since you are taking a great number of trades. A swing trader might use a larger percentage like 3% or 4%, it all really is determined by your trading style and Forex strategy you use for Trading. Due to this fact, learning more about your trading style will assist you to be effective as a trader and take better decisions. Recensione del broker di opzioni binarie IQOption nella più grande blog trading finanziario -

Forex Strategy Trading Tips: 4 Important Things About Having a Forex Mentor

Trading the FX market can be a very challenging career for individuals that don’t have the right tools, guidance, and sufficient understanding of the markets. My goal is that by reading my Forex strategy trading tips it will be easier to improve your knowledge of the markets and your net profit. I’ve dedicated this informative article to speak to you about some of the main benefits of having a Forex mentor. When I first started to trade I had one and you should have one too. Having a mentor will take your trading to another level. Having a mentor is among the best things any Trader can make to enhance his/her revenue from the markets. When you have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of a professional Trader that has been trading for several years and is already profitable, you can substantially decrease the learning curve and reach your trading goals easily. You’re just about to learn 4 of the most significant great things about having a Forex mentor. A Forex mentor will help you to put it all together: One of the biggest challenges Forex traders face is that they need to think about money management, their trading strategy, funding their trading account and many other elements in order to become successful. Due to this fact, many Forex traders go ahead and take fast lane to Forex success by getting a Forex mentor. A Forex mentor can help you to build a plan to achieve your goals, track your progress, and make any adjustments needed as you go along. A Forex mentor will help you to discover new possibilities: To find the best opportunities you need to do business with the very best traders. A mentor is likely to be an expert trader that has been trading for a long time and knows how to take full advantage of the Forex market. They normally also know which brokers are the best, which trading strategies do actually work, and how to become more effective as trader. A Forex mentor can shorten your learning curve and fix what is broken: Having someone to help you to define your trading goals, create a realistic plan to achieve them, and that will correct you every time you commit a mistake can be priceless. Learning the way to successfully trade the foreign exchange market takes time, dedication, effort, as well as lots of premium quality education. An FX mentor can help you to reduce the amount of time you have to learn how to trade currencies properly and help you to realize why you are not succeeding or achieving the results you want. A Forex mentor can mean the main difference between trading success and failure: The majority of people will not have enough time to study new Forex techniques or develop their very own trading strategies. As a result, they try to get (and several times buy) a trading system from a so called “Forex guru” to make their dreams come true. After weeks (or even days) of trading this “holy grail” trading system they realize that the system is not delivering the outcome that the seller promised. Sounds familiar? This same thing happens to literally thousands of people worldwide. However; not very many people choose to take their destiny on their own hands and seek professional help and get a Currency trading mentor. Remember, to trade like the best, you need to trade with the best. I hope you enjoyed my Forex strategy trading tips. I will be providing you with more useful trading secrets within the next few days.

Simple Forex Strategy: Copy Successful Traders

Over the last several years, thousands of people have attempted to make money in the currency trading markets, also known as the foreign exchange market, and, more commonly, “Forex.” The Forex market offers a tremendous opportunity for trading profits, and allows anyone to trade from home over the internet. The Forex market is global, so it’s open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, making it convenient for busy people to trade when their schedule allows.

However, just like any other investment market, trading Forex is not easy. Just like stocks, gold, or other investments, the value of Forex trades can go up and down in a given day. And, just like those other markets, it’s easy to lose money if you don’t have an effective Forex trading strategy.

Newcomers to the Forex market are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of different Forex strategies available. Some traders use “technical analysis,” others use “fundamental analysis,” and still others use a combination. Even the basic strategies have a steep learning curve, and since the leverage of the Forex market allows currency traders to control very large amounts of money, even a small mistake can wipe out a rookie trader’s investment.

Now, however, there’s a new way to trade in the Forex markets. This new currency trading strategy requires no charts, no studying, and very little effort. Instead of spending months or years mastering even the basic Forex strategies, now a trader can simply copy the trades of the world’s most successful traders. It’s like looking over the shoulder of the smartest kid in class. This new concept is called “social Forex trading” and it’s a rapidly-growing trend in the Forex market.

The way it works is simple: you log in to a broker who offers social trading, and then search for traders with a track record of success. This search can be sorted by risk level, number of profitable Forex trades, and so on. Most brokers also offer charts which reveal each trader’s Forex success on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. So it’s very easy to find traders who know how to trade currencies, and make profitable trades. Then, you simply click “copy,” and every time that trader makes a trade, you’ll make the same trade in your account. Of course, since your account size is probably much smaller than the Forex expert you’re copying, the trades are proportional. For example, if the expert you’re copying has a $10000 Forex account, and you only have a $1000 account, your trade will be 1/10th the size of the expert’s Forex pick. But, you’ll still get the same profits, percentage-wise. For example, if the expert makes a 10% gain on his $10000, you’ll gain 10% on your $1000. So the expert’s Forex strategy earns him $1000, and earns you $100.

Right now, only a few brokers offer this social forex trading option. The most well-known is eToro, which calls their program “Open Book” and “Copy Trader” depending on the country. Other brokers also offer the program, but tend not to have as many active expert Forex traders as eToro.

So, if you’re a beginning Forex trader and you don’t know where to begin, or you’ve lost money on currency trading before, consider social Forex trading. You may find that the best Forex strategy is simply copying the experts.

4 Tips on How to Choose the Best Forex Strategy

I remember a few years ago, when I started trading too how frustrated I was in my quest to finding the best possible strategy. In order for you not to go through the same ordeal I have summed up a few points I discovered along the way.

There are so many different kinds of Forex strategies, there’s really no good reason that you must choose a strategy which doesn’t suit you. However several traders nonetheless do select strategies that are totally unsuitable for them. If you are able to go with a Forex strategy that matches your personal needs, you will then be in a position to increase your chances of succeeding as a trader. An inappropriate for you strategy, will most likely result in unnecessary losses.

There’s no right or wrong forex trading strategy; all the same there are some questions that when answered can assist you to better decide which strategy suits best your needs.

Setting Your Goals and Targets

To start with, you should have to have clear goals and objectives. If you’re planning on using Forex as a long term investment plan, this would require a completely different strategy than if you wanted to trade on a daily basis. You can actually generate excellent profits both in the short and the long term, but the risk of big losses is always lurking just around the corner.

Whatever your goal is, make sure you choose an easy to follow and simple to implement strategy. It should be in accordance with the trading currency rates and by observing trends, you should have a good indication with regards to which trading currencies can generate the largest profits.

Short Term Vs Long Term Perspective

When you are trading forex do you usually have a short or a longer term outlook? There are a variety of factors that make up an investor’s decision with regards to taking a short or a long term outlook.

For the younger ones who have quite large forex accounts they may well decide to a shorter term approach like for example day trading strategies. These can however prove to be more risky and difficult than the longer term. For the older in age traders who might want to diversify their investments, will most probably go with a longer term outlook by holding positions from weeks up to years ahead. This kind of trading is much less stressful and could possibly result in overall higher returns. Investors which follow short term strategies often end up spending too much time in analyzing and processing excessive information when trading. This can often result in putting them further behind traders that just let their trades to unfold with no further involvement other than maybe trailing stop losses.

Planning to Trade Part Time or Full Time?

What is your daily program? The majority are looking to get involved in trading forex simply as a means of supplementing their monthly income and not as full-time traders. In case you are trying to fit forex trading within your busy daily working program and other daily obligations, you will need to implement a strategy that enables you to set your trades and withdraw yourself to your other daily activities. A great number of traders find that this type of strategy works best for them as it minimizes emotional trading usually caused by over analyzing the market, often resulting in wrong decision making. In most cases setting your trades and just leaving them to take their way can be the best tactic to generate substantial profits in forex. Likewise, you could go for a long term strategy, if you just want to invest without spending a great deal of time.

Choosing a Strategy That Suits Your Character

Your character is something you definitely need to consider when choosing a forex strategy. What type of person are you? Are you math oriented or perhaps a more creative thinker? Certain character types will tend towards strategies with definitive setups and strict rules, while other types of personalities will gravitate towards forex strategies that need further discretion and interpretation. Also, if you are an impatient type of person that requires immediate gratification, you may most probably want to go for short term strategies.

Simply by implementing a foreign exchange strategy that best suits your needs; you will significantly increase the chances of succeeding in the forex market. A suitable choice will assist you to remain on track and motivated during your Forex journey. The secret is to pick a trading strategy that personally suits you best as an investor. Should you commit yourself as a trader and truly plan to maximize your profits, you should invest time and energy in researching till you find the strategy that’s made for you. Always remember to keep things simple as a beginner, but bear in mind you can change your trading strategy whenever you wish, so don’t feel you’ll need to apply the same one permanently. Foreign exchange strategies are crucial, so be sure that you have made the best possible choice!

Candlesticks Trading: Simple Forex And Stocks Candlesticks Trading Strategy

Candlesticks are a way to represent price in a security. Comparing with a simple line chart wich only give you the closing price for the session (week, day, hour, minute…), candlestick charts give you much more information; closing, open, high and low price for the session.

Candlesticks are according to many successful traders the best tool for trading stocks and forex and so widely used because they achieve improvements in performance that result in more profits for both swing and day traders.

Candlesticks techniques and strategies will give you:

An edge in the market
Simple and easy to understand charting
Powerful buy signals
Powerful sell signals

The Candlestick Construction

Candlesticks can be used in all time frames and when trading stocks, futures, forex and every other market that have an open, close, high and low. If we look at a daily time frame, one candle (session) represents that day’s trading range.


Above you can see how the candlestick is constructed and looks compared to a bar chart. The painted section is the candle body. The candle body is green if the close is higher than the open. If the close is lower than the open, the candle body is black. The lines above and below the candle body are called shadows. The top of the upper shadow is the session’s high and the bottom of the lower shadow is the session’s low of the day. Sessions where the open and close have the same price are called doji’s, illustrated below.


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The doji is a candlestick where neither the buyers nor sellers control the session and, therefore, should alert us that the former trend may lose its momentum, or that the momentum is about to explode, which the candlesticks strategy explains below.

Simple Forex And Stocks Candlesticks Trading Strategy

In an up or downtrend, the Doji is either an indication that the trend is about to end if traded as a reversal or an indication that the trend is only taking a pause.

Candlesticks, where the body is one-fourth of the high-low range of the candle, is a doji in our opinion, some use other names depending on where in the range the doji’s open and closing price occurs, but we recommend you keep it simple as we do.

In this strategy, we trade shorts low and cover lower, or if trading longs, buy high and sell higher. Let us say we have a downtrend (falling price) illustrated in the daily (each candle represent on day price action) EURUSD charts below. The strategy can be traded as both a day trading strategy and as a swing trading strategy.

Since we have a downtrend, we now look at a short trades, so for us to have a setup we want:

A doji with low at lowest price for the recent ten candles.
The doji’s lower shadow is bigger than the upper shadow.

Setups are marked with blue arrows in the chart below, can you see some more short opportunities?


The strategy is to enter a short position when price breaks the low of the setup doji’s low with one tick.
Stop Loss

Stop loss is placed one tick above the setup doji’s high.

Take profits when you have 1:1 risk/reward (i.e. the distance from stop loss to entry and extend this from your entry).
Setup Performance

The first short was a fast trade where we entered and exited the trade the same day for a nice profit.

Profit = 68 pips


The second short almost stopped us out, but reversed back down and was also a profit realized after 8 days.

Profit = 91 pips


I really hope this gave you some ideas on how to trade candlesticks. Feel free to share this and check out more strategies and tips here, for more great strategies and tips on how to become a better trader.

Get an advanced forex trading machine assorted with best forex strategies to gain maximum profits

Trading deals with risk factors, extreme market knowledge and right decision as well as investment of monetary funds. Practicing trade manually is assorted with several risks and hassles too. To get quality results it is wise to opt for the best forex strategies. Forex trading is a vast concept, many users engaged to it in order to obtain monetary profits. For maximum profits and overcome the risk aspects is quite essential for the users. Moreover, for gaining best outcomes and outstanding trading experience users can use technologically advanced applications such as forex trading machine or automated software. By using automated software you can abate the manual errors and risks as well. It let you experience risk free, prompt yet effective forex trading. This practice is quite a daunting and tedious job to perform, effectively. The user should have extensive knowledge about the economy trend and market transformations too.

The manual practice may not let you experience the desired results. Using technologically advanced forex strategies is concise and effective. The robust software is completely automated with complex strategies and makes the trades at extremely high speed. In order to get such highly advanced software or applications, you can trust on the leading service providers. The reliable company who deal in this industry can provide you smart and dynamic solution to practice commerce. By having their assistance, you can download the preset software along with strategy plan which is completely free. This application has tested multiple strategies on various currency pairs. To assure yourself; you can run their strategy through a demo and see how it works. Once practicing the demo and satisfied with the service, you can open the live account. Their metatrader application functions 24 hours a day and its simulator show you the 90 days performance. Moreover, it also increases the effectiveness of your practice as well as eliminates the human error. Now, you will not lose money! This robust and advanced software reacts to very single move in the market as well as trade automatically and also solve the hassles that you usually face during manual trading.

Their software is the only one which performs on autopilot. Just download the software for free and let it works of own. And, you will experience gains and effectiveness like never before. This is an ideal product both for beginners and advanced users. Apart from that, if you require more information related to the software, then do contact them anytime. Do a free download and start today!

Successful Forex Strategy From a Successful Trader

I would like to start by telling you a little about myself. I have been trading the Forex market now for four years. For those of you who are new to Forex market it is where you can profit from buying and selling currencies online. The Forex market is the largest market by far with daily volumes in the Trillions of dollars. The Forex market is comprised of currency pairs such as the Euro/USD. If you were to buy the Euro/USD pair you would saying that you think the Euro is going to go up versus the US dollar. Like wise if you were to sell the Euro/USD pair you would be saying that you think the US dollar is going to get stronger versus the Euro. There are multiple pairs of currencies from around the world in the Forex market, and you can make money when the market is going up and when it is going down. Over the last four years I have tried and tested multiple strategies, robots, and signals services for trading the Forex market. Some of them have been profitable, and others have lost me money. Over the last few years the market has been flooded with get rich quick scams that have targeted Forex traders. Most of the services that are available today are from marketers who could care less about trading the Forex market, they make there living off of selling false hope to Traders like myself. Once I realized what was going on I began to developed my own strategies, and over time began to turn a profit from trading. While I studied on my own, I also continued to join educational/signal services to see if there were any worth while. I finally came across a few that were worth my time, which brings me to why Im writing this article. It was in one of those educational/signal services that I met a fellow member by the name of Jeremy. Jeremy had join the service just like I had and we talked on and off in the chat room. Over time we became friends, and I began to realize that Jeremy was not just any average trader he had a real gift. Jeremy had been developing his own strategy to trade on the 4 hour time frames so that it would fit around his busy schedule better. As he began to teach me his strategy it was evident that he had something special. About a year past, and all the while I keep in contact with Jeremy and watched as he continued to improve his strategy. Then about six months ago he decided to start his own educational/signal service with the help of a few other traders. The service has been in test mode for the last few months, and I have had the privilege of being one of the trades who has been able to test it out. It has been going very well, and starting yesterday March 28, 2012 Jeremy opened the doors to the public.

Within Jeremy’s service he provides weekly webinars where he teaches his strategies to members. Also there is a members chat room where members can help each other out with questions, and Jeremy also spends hour every day within the chat helping and getting to know all the members. It is evident that Jeremy is not providing this service to make money off of the members but rather because he enjoys helping others profit from the Forex market as he has done. Also all members are given access to all indicators that Jeremy uses for his strategy, and also access to the trade copier. The trade copier is an EA that you place on your MT4 account. How it works is whenever a trade is placed on the master account it is copied onto all members accounts who choose to have it trading for them. This allows members to profit from Jeremy’s trades while learning. This truly is a gift for so many, because it allow members to hit the ground running, making money from day one. Even though I know how to trade Jeremy’s strategy I also use the trade copier because it give me access to the market 24 hours a day. Jeremy has two other traders who help him out with the trade copier. There is Ed who is in Australia, and Rae who lives in England. Therefore Ed and Rae watch the market during the London session, and Jeremy watches the market during the US session. I have been truly impress with the service that Jeremy and his team have put together, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is already involved in Forex, and for anyone who is looking to start trading the Forex market.

What You Should Know About Forex Strategies

Do you like to learn about new and interesting things? If so, then this article regarding Forex Strategies will be right up your alley!

As the name suggests, intricate Forex Strategies are indeed quite complex trading strategies. These strategies be capable of compare three or more indicators at a moment. They are a tool for risk management but additionally it is advisable that traders develop their own risk supervision strategies. The understanding and experience that traders have is at itself a risk management tool. There is no better system compared to the intuition and knowledge itself.

Complex Forex Strategies need to be understood and adapted for the system and strategy being employed by traders before they could be used. Understanding these strategies is of key value. These strategies cannot be used without proper insight and comprehension of their functioning. These strategies have not only been found perplexing by novice traders but have made decisions difficult for even experts and seasoned forex traders. Therefore, it is advisable to study and learn these strategies before any type of implementation to the system.

The most commonly used strategies inside the complex category are:

Trading Made Simple forex method – powered by TDI indicator: The strategy features the trading cycle. Each trader finds it to be an easy decision to trade at first. But when they enter the investing business, they find it confusing to decipher every one of the indicators and make good decisions to earn better profits. They make mistakes along the way and blame them in the marketplace.

However, the key to this problem is endurance. This allows better insight and knowledge, and execution of that knowledge at the right stage. This system aims to simplify the decision-making process and ease the deciphering of all indicators. The TDI indicator and positive and negative candles are already designed to make the indicators more understandable. They optimize the decision-making process for your trader.

Manual Dark Forex Strategy: The system requires that higher leverage be avoided constantly although, they may seem to be attractive selections. The most important point is to be patient and give attention to mitigating risk and maximizing monetary gains. The traders should not look closely at calls made by other traders and stay focused independently strategy. The system itself will highlight the buy or sell signals in support of require the undivided attention of the trader and the ability to use the moment.

Forex System X- EMA, MACD MFT, BBands and also RSI based Forex Strategy: This particular system looks extremely confusing when every one of the indicators are accounted for. However, it is very easy to follow once understood. The system indicates the buy or sell time and the trader needs to learn how to read the signal and react. The charts might look confusing initially but once traders learn to use, them they believe it is quite simple to understand and decipher the meanings with the charts.

Forex Strategies

Forex Strategies
Investing in the Forex market is becoming one of the most popular means of investing in the past few years. The ability to create profits quickly and build them up over time has great appeal for many would-be investors. However, the realities of the Forex market often bring such dreams of instant financial success plummeting downward.

Forex trading is not for the faint of heart, but there are proven strategies that can help create more consistent profits over time. This means for those new to Forex trading, understanding which strategies to pursue can help make the difference in creating larger profits.

What Type of Forex Strategies are the Best?
There are many different types of Forex strategies to choose from, but the best is generally what works best for you. This will depend largely on your overall goals, the time you are willing to commit and the amount you wish to invest on a regular basis.

What follows are some of the most popular Forex strategies that will help you garner more consistent profits over time. While none of these strategies are guaranteed to work at all times, they do work often enough to be quite reliable.

Trend Trading:
This is perhaps the most popular and certainly considered the standard form of Forex trading. Trend trading is basically executing the way it sounds as investors find current trends in the market and make their trades based on the information revealed.

What trend traders look for in long term consistency that allows for more secure Forex trading. This means looking back over the past weeks, months and ever years to spot trends in certain currencies that can re-occur at selected times. For example, a rise in currency values that happens during certain times of the year can be planned and taken advantage of by Forex traders.

The downside of trend trading is that it’s very hard to predict when a particular trend will end. Most traders either bail out too early and miss out on big profits or stay too long and fail to get out when the price is at its peak.

Range Trading:
This type of trading is predicting currencies that stay within particular ranges and investing that they either keep within that range or breakout. Generally speaking, currencies that gain in value and break out past their established ranges can be most profitable, but predicting when that is going to happen is more difficult.

To be successful with range trading, a lot of research and study of the overall trends helps greatly, but also a good feel of the market and knowing when to make the investment.

Breakout and Swing Trading:
Breakout trading is rather self-explanatory while swing trading is similar to range trading, save for the trends tend to be much shorter over time. Swing traders are measured in days instead of weeks or months. This means investors need to be more confident and daring when making their trades.

These are just some of the different Forex strategies that can be employed. Choosing the right one for you will mean understanding which system works best for your temperament and goals.

Forex Strategy is Indispensable for Forex Trading System

Forex stands for foreign exchange. Forex trading system refers to the trading or exchange of currencies against one another. For example, we can put forward the currencies of Great Britain and United States. The currency of Britain is GB Pounds while that of the US is US Dollars. Forex Trade takes place when we buy a GB Pound and simultaneously sell US Dollars. However, one should keep in mind that such buying and selling should be done when the market conditions are favorable to the trader. In order to analyze and interpret the market accurately, it becomes important that proper strategies are made and then followed to maximize profit on one hand and minimize loss on the other.

In order to derive maximum profits in the forex market, concrete forex strategy is required to be made. The base of Forex Strategy is therefore to make money by selling high and buying low or buying low and selling high. This is done best when the transaction takes place during the optimum time. The optimum time can be determined by performing some analysis, viz. fundamental analysis (that is the analysis which is used to predict the price on the basis of the socio-political and economic conditions of developed nations like the United States, Great Britain, Japan, etc.), technical analysis (which is determined through the past movements of rates and data to predict the future price that might prevail in the market), forex scalping (which includes using Fibonacci levels for scalping forex market) and regular trend analysis, study of currency charts, moving averages, oscillators signals, time frames, and oscillator signals.

Another important strategy that is useful in situations where consolidated market is broken is break out strategy which can produce high risk reward ratio. However, it is advisable that one can try his/her hand in a demo account and get a good exposure on what they might experience in the live account. In fact, this experience helps him/her to take the right path and make better forex strategy in future. One should always remember that before deciding on trading foreign exchange he/she should carefully consider his/her level of experience, objectives with which he/she makes the investment, and his/her capacity to take risk. It might happen that initially he/she could sustain a loss of some or all of his/her initial investment; therefore, it is advisable that you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Forex trading system was inherently for the big government and non-government financial institutions. These organizations used to spend a great deal of money in research and development that tries to find out new ways and avenues to make the most accurate strategies. However, average trader cannot afford R&D departments to improve their trading strategy. So they heavily rely on the expert advices that are available on forex forums or individual blogs maintained by the experts in this field. All in all, it can be said that whether the trader is a big financial organization or an individual, foreign exchange strategy is indispensable for all of them and to the forex trading system which they follow.